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Digital Ceramic Stirring Hot Plate With Counter Reaction

Digital Ceramic Stirring Hot Plate With Counter Reaction   Part no. WW-15956-31
  Counter-reaction maintains a constant speed, even with viscosity changes.
  Top plate and body resist acids, bases, and solvents.
  Digital “HOT PLATE” warning signal when the plate temperature is above 50°C
  Easy-to-clean, white ceramic top is highly resistant to corrosion and is excellent for
   observing liquid colour changes. Built-in electronics keep stirring speeds constant during
   heavy loads or changing viscosities.
  Microprocessor control allows for precise temperature and speed control. Control
   panel is separated from the main body, protecting electronics from splashes and spills.
  Stirrer features a "HOT PLATE" warning signal that remains illuminated while the
   temperature is on and will flash if the instrument is turned off until plate temperature
   drops below 50°C.
  Inbuilt “Hotplate warning” for customer safety with microprocessor control for
   precise thermoregulation & speed throughout.
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